Long-Form Content

Long-form content is content that is 3+ minutes long, but tends to be closer to the 7-15 minute range. Long-form content even includes much longer videos; but for influencer marketing campaigns, you can expect long-form content to be in the 7-15 minute range. This type of content is good for 2D games, and any game that would benefit from a lengthier video. Games with unique mechanics that require explanation or getting used to and story-based or low-action games perform much better in long-form content than in short-form.

Long-form content is a good way to make audiences familiar with your game, and win them over - so to speak - if your game is not fast-paced and flashy. Content creators get the chance to highlight more of your game’s mechanics, dive into the aspects they like, and really show off what makes your game special.

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