We are the largest VR esport company by revenue, and a full-service marketing agency for video games of all types.

A screengrab of a news segment of a man playing VR at Virtualities Arcade.

Virtualities started as an in-person VR arcade and hosted the world’s first official Beat Saber tournament across 24 countries in 2018.

Since then, the team has left the arcade space and formulated a new business model that creates a robust ecosystem for game developers, influencers, and players alike.

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As of 2022, Virtualities has now collaborated with over 60 game studios on influencer marketing, paid media campaigns, esports tournaments, and game key retailing.

Our esports and player community branch is called Virtual Athletics League (VAL). Virtualities and VAL are the same, and team members from both branches work together to make your marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Graphic with woman playing VR, says "We work in the developer ecosystem with 60+ studios to date."
Two players, a man and a woman, playing VR on a stage, with the game (Blaston) projected on a screen behind them.

Virtualities’ exclusive content creator team, VAL Uprising, streamlines the influencer marketing process.

This team gives game studios and titles of any size the chance to put their games in front of the largest audiences.

VAL Uprising’s most recent project was a group campaign for the launch of Among Us VR, which amassed over 1.3 million views.

What sets us apart

Niche Market

Operating in a niche market allows the Virtualities team to craft data-driven marketing campaigns for clients through extensive industry knowledge.

Innovative Process

Merging traditional marketing initiatives and techniques with new strategies generates unique campaigns that grow communities and encourage game purchases.

VAL Uprising

VAL Uprising offers campaign collaborations with powerful creators, giving access to influencer audiences to any size game studio.

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