Virtualities has an esports branch, Virtual Athletics League (VAL), that organizes and hosts esports events. VAL events range from high-score competitions to short-term tournaments to long-term leagues. VAL was originally founded by CEO Ryan Burningham in 2016 as a VR arcade.

The first large worldwide tournament was Beat Saber in 2018, followed by an expansion into home based tournaments and working with creators to promote tournaments.

Virtualities, Inc is the official legal name of the company and the original name of the arcade. The Virtual Athletics League is a registered DBA of Virtualities inc. Virtualities media is the marketing arm for all games both in and out of esports.

You can hear more about us our story from founder-CEO Ryan Burningham on both our start engine page and the about us section.

Esports events are an effective form of marketing, especially for games slightly past launch. They allow developers to capitalize on the existing community while gaining new players and encouraging increased engagement with the game.

Our esports services include tournament design, rules writing, tournament moderation, custom tournament software, Discord management, social media promotion, and prize delivery.

You can check out our previous tournaments on the VAL website.

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